Shocking! 3 Extremely Dangerous S*x Positions for Women (Photos)

If you do not want a night of passion to end in agony and pain be cautious of these positions.

S*x is often all about taking the plunge and doing something new and this can sometimes mean taking a few risks. Just as there are s*x positions that might be harmful to men, as well as women, you should be careful of these moves below:

(1) Doggy:
This is the most dangerous position for women. A partner may accidentlay shove the p*nis up the bum and this can lead to injury. Since there isn’t any lubrication here, there can be minor anal tears causing much discomfort. This is also a position where the woman has less control and wrong entry can also tear the v*gina walls.

(2) Standing rear-entry:
From Back
All rear-entry positions require good balance. If you lift your leg to accommodate his member, remember you are standing on shaky ground. A wrong stretch or pull could sprain your back and one wrong move from him can injure your cervix. When trying out this position, hold on to something for support.

(3) Hit the spot:
from back
This is a slight variation of the missionary position. To allow deep penetration till the G-spot, you have to spread your legs wide apart in the air. Since G-spot stimulation takes time you are more likely to get aching legs or pulled muscles before an orgasm.

Also if you are prone to UTI, you must avoid this as the p*nis pushes up the urethra.



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