3 Ways Being Broke Is Affecting Your Love Life (Must Read)

3 Ways Being Broke Is Affecting Your Love Life (Must Read)

Your intimacy and S3@. Xx:’ life can be affected by a whole list of things, one of which is financial issue.

When a financially challenged couple first get together, things can still be hot and heavy between them because the reality of their situation has not hit yet. But after a couple of years together, you might begin to notice that things are changing. Here are three ways money problems messes with your S3@. Xx:’ life.

1. The stress

Money problems often cause stress. And stress is capable of killing your libido. If one or the both of you is spending so much time worrying about your money situation, you will soon begin to drift apart in the bedroom.

2. Resentment

Financial challenges can cause you to be resentful if you feel your partner does not make enough money or if they are terrible at managing money. This resentment builds steadily that it soon seep into your S3@. Xx:’ life, making you uninterested in S3@. Xx:’..

3. Dwindling attraction

When there is so much worry and stress in a relationship, you tend to slowly lose your attraction for your partner. You no longer find them attractive or consider yourself lucky to be with them. When this happens, S3@. Xx:’ with them becomes the last thing on your mind.



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