The Moment Julius Agwu Asked A Fan If She Was Born In A ZOO

Wait! Before you abuse the comedian, you have to read this first. Now this is it. We all know the comedian went through a major surgery and it took the intervention of God to get him back to life. He didn’t hide it, he made it open, he spoke about it several times and we all heard. 

Julius who is currently shooting a video for his new song 2ndchance, which has to do with the success of his surgery and how God gave him another opportunity, posted the photo above and a fan came all out to ask him what happened to his LEGS. At first the comedian was very politely, then the lady came again and said he should bring it on and as a matter of fact she is enjoying the attention and that’s how Julius lost it! He then called her out, still minding his words, he politely asked if she was born in a ZOO, because being ugly in her case is an understatement. Their conversation below;





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