Donjazzy Tweets At Olamide Following Kanye West & Wizkhalifa Beef

Donjazzy just tweeted at Olamide following WIz Khalifa and Kanye West beef.
being his first tweet to Eyan Mayweather since their Headies Controversy.

However, What Had happened was Kanye changed the name of his album several times and when he finally picked the name WAVE, WizKhalifa wasnt pleased as he took to twitter to ask him not to take the WAVE. Why?

He is heavily influenced by rapper Max B who is known for the Wave Movement. When Khalifa was done, he talked about hitting that KK (Khalifa Kush) and Kanye thought he was talking about his wife. Kim Kardashian.

Kanye got pissed and slammed the rapper who clapped back at him leading Nigeria’s DOnjazzy to ask fans to pray for 2016.

He cc’d his top rival Olamide and that caught our attention.

What’s Your take?


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